Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As many of you know, last January I moved to Williamsburg after spending a few months in Paris trying to find a place to call home. It's been a crazy year and I couldn't be happier to be living in Brooklyn. There's honestly no place I'd rather be. In the last 10 months I'm found my community, my local coffee shops and bars, and met some incredible people. As much as I love to travel I find it more difficult each time to leave home. 





In the last few months I partnered with Havenly to help make my apartment feel like a home. I moved three times in the year prior and never put any effort into my apartment knowing soon enough I'd be leaving it. Havenly gave me my own personal interior designer, who viewed my space and helped me find the perfect pieces in the exact aesthetic I wanted to warm up my cold Brooklyn apartment. Given I usually work from home, I would always leave to edit or do emails at a cafe. After my transformation from Havenly, there is no place I'd rather be than my own home.


One of my favorite pieces was this Restoration Hardware TV stand to the right. Havenly has a diverse range of products for any price range. To help me stay put in the same place for a while I wanted to invest in a few quality pieces.


Another favorite piece was this bar cart from Z Gallerie. You might know I enjoy the occasionally cocktail from time to time ;) 


From couches and TV stands to a Chemex and kettle, you can really find anything you need for your home. Since I've gotten my home coffee set up I've been spending much more time here and found myself much more productive.

IMG_2761 (1).JPG

The camera set up. Always on display and for easy access on the TV stand.


Many thanks to Havenly and my designer Priscilla for making my apartment a home! If you have any questions about the platform or process please feel free to drop me a comment or an email.