Los Angeles - Summer 2016

Los Angeles - Summer 2016

A few weeks ago I packed up a suitcase, bought a one way flight and moved to Los Angeles. I've come to realize it probably wasn't the best decision I've ever made, but a worth while experience nonetheless. A month later I've come to realize LA is just a place I'd like to visit (for now at least), but I'd like to share some of my favorite spots I've found along the way.

Blue Bottle has become a second home to me since I moved here. The downtown location is my personal favorite, although I also frequent the Beverly Hills spot as well. 

I've spent more time at Go Get 'Em Tiger than any other cafe during my time here. Partially because its the closest shop to my Hollywood apartment. Coffee, food and service are always a 10/10.

Stumptown in DTLA. Need I say anything else?

If I were to live in LA again I'd peace out of Hollywood and head to Venice. Rose cafe has probably one of my favorite floors I've ever stepped upon. And oh, the coffee is good too.

Gjusta - The sister of Gjelina. Venice at its best.

Currently not exactly sure where I'll be moving after LA, so if you'd like to suggest an option I'd be more than happy to listen.