Viking River Cruise - Rhine Rhapsody

Viking River Cruise - Rhine Rhapsody

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a river cruise down the Rhine and Moselle rivers with Viking Cruises. Our itinerary was 10 days and consisted of 4 countries and 8 different cities. We began in Paris, and then ventured to Luxembourg City, Trier, Cochem, Koblenz, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, and then Basel, Switzerland. It was an intense 10 days, as you attempt to learn a brand new city almost every single day, but the experiences were incredible. We saw some of the most intimate cities, as we sailed down some of the most beautiful and secluded rivers in Western Europe.

I accidentally took this photo waiting in line and it ended up being one of my favorites. I like to pretend that all three couples are the same people over the span on 50 years. The couple to the right is on their first date, visiting the Eiffel tower of course. The family to the left is that same couple 15 years later, Mom now taking a photo of Dad and kids at the place where Mom and Dad spent that first date. The couple in the middle is now that couple on their 50th wedding anniversary, returning to the place where it all began. 


 I had no idea how late cafes in Paris opened. If you show up at 8am this is all you'll find. (Come back around 10am).


We spent Easter Sunday at Notre Dame. Jesus was a popular dude to see that day.

As you cruise down the Rhine, these are the views you'll have for a majority of your travel time. I quite enjoyed it while sipping a gin and tonic from the roof deck. 


Because whats better than a town square with a castle as the backdrop? 

View from said castle. 

Heidelberg is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in 1386 and still going strong. To me college town means one thing..  artisanal coffee. Heidelberg had some of the most charming little cafes of our entire tour. 

Thankful for having the best (and most stylish) travel companion during this journey. Tania Sarin has been one of my biggest inspirations for some time now, and I'm super thankful to have been able to travel through Europe with her. 

The essentials when traveling Western Europe. (I'd also like to make a note of how beautiful their newspapers are). This fragrance from Creed was both Tania's and my own personal favorites. I'm pretty sure I arrived with it, but someone else left with it... (Tania) 

The scene in Basel was incredibly inspiring. Rich in art and culture around every corner. We were here for one day and spent the entirety of it cafe hopping. I think you can see why.

All photos were shot on my new Leica T with a 23mm Summicron lens. This camera has been my absolute best friend during my recent travels. Super portable, easy to manage and shoot with, and a beautiful touchscreen display with built in wifi to send and upload photos instantly. All editing was done in Lightroom and Lightroom mobile with VSCO filters.

This was my first cruise to date, and Viking set the highest of standards. The people aboard treat you with the upmost respect and the service is absolutely impeccable. The food is of the highest quality and they do everything to give you the most authentic experiences while traveling. If you have some time off and are looking for a getaway, take a look through Viking Cruises itineraries. They are incomparable to anything else out there. The Pathways of the Pharaohs is next on my list.