Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I recently went on another trip to LA to visit some friends and mingle with some of the film music crowd. As per usual, it was sunny and about 80 every day. Naturally I was pretty miserable the entire time. 


I was able to catch up with my good friend Emari Traffie. Emari taught me essentially everything I know about Instagram and photography. Also, apparently I've been saying her name wrong my entire life. I think my way is cooler though. 

This had to be hands down my favorite LA spot from this trip. Coffee was 7.7/10 and pastries a solid 8. However the aesthetic was just stunning. I recommend visiting around 3pm. That puts you in between breakfast and dinner, so if you're lucky you can get some quiet time to yourself.

Reality L.A. followed by Go Get 'Em Tiger is becoming my favorite L.A. sunday routine. The girl with the amazing hair gave me peach cobbler, and Justin Timberlake ordered coffee behind me. It was really an okay day.

The Bungalow. Its supposed to be where all the cool kids of Santa Monica go. The crowd was okay, but the floor was better.

I'll end things here, with a photo from one of my last days in Malibu. Finally managed to make it to El Matador beach. People take stunning photos but forget to mention the mass of tourists also taking those same stunning photos.  A little too hectic for my taste, but worth a visit.