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NYFW 2015

Eric von FrickenComment
NYFW 2015

It's a little late. But heres a recap of my recent trip to NYC for NYFW. 

Absolutely stunning weather upon arrival. 

Tania Sarin and myself shared our birthdays the first two days of NYFW. This taken right before the Frame denim presentation at the Swiss Institute, wearing entirely Kooples. Our leathers got all the looks.

Thank God for Uber. Trying to catch a cab off the street in NYC is the worst. They look great in photos though. 

Keeping things casual at Ost Cafe. These Axel Arigato kicks got compliments everywhere I went. I guess you could say I'm a sneaker person now.

This "Peaky Blinders" inspired The Kooples look was one of my personal favorites. I liked it so much in fact I even wore it two days in a row. Thats actually a much longer, tragic story of how I lost the keys to the apartment I was staying in. Ask me another time. (Don't drink with Russians) 

Evening coffee break at the GQ Gents Lounge. This double breasted waistcoat was the topic of much conversation. Double breasted is ALWAYS better than single breasted. 

I'll end things here with this stunning shot my friend Cara LLewellyn took. This was taken on the highline back on my birthday. Until next time NYC.

A few of my favorite pieces:

Biker Jacket with Houndstooth by The Kooples - Shop here

Houndstooth blazer by The Kooples - Shop here

Double-breasted waistcoat by The Kooples - Shop here

White stand-up collar shirt by The Kooples - Shop here

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